Thanks to all who have said such nice things! I really appreciate hearing that you like my work!


“Thinking of you and I just wanted to let you know how often I wear your necklace and earrings, which I am so extremely fond of, and, in doing so, I am also giving others the aesthetic appreciation and enjoyment of one of your many exquisitely Lovely creations.” JBM, CA

"The package arrived today!  First off, I could barely bring myself to unwrap it as it was so beautifully dressed in ribbons and flowers. But, oh, the necklace is just so gorgeous.  Every element and ornament is just so magically arranged. It really is a spectacular piece of artistry." G.G.,  Massachusetts

"Just to let you know that the Monet Set arrived today safe and sound, and it is STUNNING! The pictures don't do it justice! Spectacular statement piece, imaginative combination of materials and colors, exquisite craftsmanship. And so beautifully gift wrapped! Many, many thanks." -- G. G., Massachusetts

“I don’t think there are enough superlatives in the English language to describe your work, so I’ll start with just a few … enchanting, gorgeous, wonderous works of art!   I signed for the package last night but didn’t open it until I had a chance to sit out in the sun.  Let’s just say that when I started unwrapping the necklaces, I was stunned.  The beauty of your pieces – the amazing stones, elegant and skilled silverwork, and the way you put all the pieces together are even more amazing in person than the pictures convey (and those do a good job).  First I pulled out the ocean jasper piece and couldn’t believe the beauty of those stones and the gorgeous silverwork you used to enhance them.  I have some other ocean jasper but nothing with those amazing large and colorful orbs. You created a perfect set that is truly amazing.   Then I unwrapped the Agua Nueva Agate Leaf piece and gasped in delight … what a slice of stone, it has everything: beautiful colors (including the rarer green), wandering branches of fortification, and the pool-like depth of moss agate.  And the setting you put it in is just perfect, along with all the pearls and other bits.   I held it up in the sunlight and studied it in wonder.  Only an agate fanatic should own that necklace and I’m so glad to be its new owner.   Tell Thom that I love it very much and that your vision took it to whole new levels.   You can tell that you put so much love and feeling into these pieces and you are now officially my favorite jewelry artist!   Thanks so much for these two works of art that I’ll treasure and wear often (I love the multiple strand collars and they fit and feel perfect).  I was even totally touched by the artful packaging – you are a class act.” -- S.C., Colorado

"Good news, the [Wood Fairy] brooch has arrived and I absolutely love it. Because of the way the light shines on the agate I can see the fairy much more clearly than I could in the photos, her arm and the dress are clear. Even the back with the heart is beautiful. … They’re such soul pieces that you make, I guess your art is your spiritual practice. Thanks so much, beautiful wrapping too."  – E. S. Victoria, Australia

“[Your work] reflects and represents the beauty of our natural world, together with the interpretation of the spirit of those materials…  Most of us don't take the time, nor do we have the vision, to see what you do in the stones and crystals you collect. And then you arrange them in such remarkable ways so that each piece speaks with a voice that is more than the individual stones themselves. It is as though you facilitate the release of joyous energy that echoes both the eternal and the temporal.” –E.Z., Colorado

I received the [Orange Kyanite] necklace and love it very much. You really have a gift for choosing the correct items, and assembling them into something wonderful. I will enjoy wearing it. Thanks again. -- D.N., California

The packaging alone was so beautiful, I was so overwhelmed… To say I'm exploding with joy doesn't even come close to how fortunate I feel with what I hope is just my first piece. – M.F., Illinois

Wayne really is enjoying his cuff links. He wears them regularly. Makes me smile every time I see them! – K.F., California

Just received the really lovely necklace, absolutely love it, as I do all of your works of art. People always comment on your pieces when I wear them. Your website is always a treat to check out. – P.B., Florida

I love my "Star Trek"/Jellyfish necklace … I love beautiful, unique and unusual pieces and it rises to the top of all those categories. – C. McC., California

Picked up package this morning..OMG...WOW...the bracelet is heavier and more beautiful than I imagined, and I love the colors AWESOME, the Earrings are So Different, and I'm wearing them, they are so unique... The wrapping is so beautiful, I almost didn't want to open the package... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you ! T.Z.


I can not find the words to describe how I felt when I opened the box yesterday. Beautiful comes to mind but it is nowhere even close to describing the necklace. We may indeed have to make another one for Valentine's Day. I don't know if I can hold out. I just want you to know that it is perfect!!! ...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I have to admit that I was a little worried... sometimes you see pictures on the internet or in a magazine and place an order, but when you get it you are disappointed because the picture was not an accurate representation of the product. That is truly NOT the case here. The pictures do not serve this piece justice. I could not be more pleased... S.B., Nebraska

He arrived safely last night!!! And is gorgeous!!!!!!! The timing was perfect because the mailman rang the bell a few minutes before I had seven people for dinner. I was feeling rather low... So I put the beautiful lion on and felt immediately better. Thank you so much for all the work and all the care you put into it. I love the necklace it is truly beautiful and will be worn very very often. C.R., The Hague, The Netherlands

My GN (Gorgeous Necklace) arrived today. It's even more beautiful than the picture! It looks good on me, too! Earthy, Ethereal, and Feminine all at once! J.G., California

The necklace [is] absolutely stunning and the picture didn't do it justice. Thanks also for the extra goodies enclosed, and for the beautiful wrap. N.Y., Oklahoma

Just wanted to tell you that I received TWO HUGE compliments today (so far) about your beautiful earrings (the long ones with aqua's and copper-ish beads and little dark pearls at the ends).....Makes me happy:) J.G., California

I never knew I could enjoy jewelry so much! I wear them [my Virgo Moon necklaces] often and they make me feel adorned, pretty and happy, and people comment on them. K.S., California

Mary, I just received "Crystals of Wisdom." I am overwhelmed, a treasure. You are a great artist, needless to say I love your work... A Really Happy Customer, P.B., Florida

I wanted to let you know that the woman who owns your Autumn Sunset Necklace came into my shop this past weekend. While she was talking with me, I couldn't take my eyes off the necklace. It's a truly glorious piece. -- California


Beadazzled Design Excellence Award 2006: The Inner Light Necklace received the Design Excellence Award for the Gemstones category in Penelope Diamanti's gorgeous book, Beadazzled: Where Beads & Inspiration Meet.

San Diego Reader: Virgo Moon was named best jewelry designer in the Best 2003 Issue.

Saul Bell Design Awards (Rio Grande) 2002: Heather Trimlett and I were one of 5 finalists in the beads category in the with Heather's Vessel Necklace.

Publications which include my work

Ornament Magazine

The Guardian of the Caverns Necklace is included in Ornament's Jewelry Showcase feature in Volume 42-4.

Art Jewelry Today 4

The Orange Kyanite Necklace is included in this gorgeous volume along with several other of my pieces, the fourth in Schiffer's Art Jewelery Today series.

Ornament Magazine

Winter 2005 Volume 29.2 issue: "Like a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes There's a Virgo Moon Rising" article by Pat Worrell.

The Beader's Guide to Jewelry Design

The Abalone Necklace is included in Margie Deeb's classic.

Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry

This new Lark title includes the Midnight Passage Necklace. The necklace also appears in the Best of America book below.

Best of America Jewelry Artists (Vol II Artists A-J)

This wonderful collection includes the Masked Man with Rose Necklace in a two-page spread on my work. Apparently this volume is no longer available at the publisher site or on Amazon.

The Beader's Color Palette

Margie Deeb included the Be Ye therefore Wise as Serpents Necklace in this highly regarded work.
(Photo: Melinda Holden)

The Beader's Color Palette

The Deco Frog Necklace is also featured in the book above.
(Photo: Melinda Holden)

The Beader's Color Palette

The Hawk Moth Necklace is also featured.
(Photo: Melinda Holden)

The Beader's Color Palette

The Autumn Sunset Necklace is also featured.
(Photo: Melinda Holden)

Beadazzled: Where Beads & Inspiration Meet

The Inner Light Necklace received the Design Excellence Award for the Gemstones category in Penelope Diamanti's gorgeous book.
(Photo: Melinda Holden)

Beadazzled: Where Beads & Inspiration Meet

The Ode to Spring Necklace and the Vesuvianite Necklace are also included in Beadazzled.

(Photos: Melinda Holden)

Best of America Jewelry Artists and Artisans (vol 1)

The Verdigris Kumihimo Necklace, the Granite Cross Necklace and the San Blas Necklace are featured.

(Photos: Melinda Holden)

Book is no longer available.

Beading for the Soul

The Pinto Bear Necklace and the Moroccan Ammonite Necklace are featured in Deborah Canarella's lovely book.
(Photos: Melinda Holden)

The Titi Monkey Necklace was a finalist in the finished jewelry category in the first annual Bead Dreams Bead&Button Show and is included in the special issue "Collector's Edition" (2003) entitled beaddreams.

Virgo Moon was one of 5 finalists in the beads category in the prestigious Saul Bell Design Awards for 2002 with Heather's Vessel Necklace.
(Photo: Melinda Holden)

The Beader's Guide to Color

The Eagle Chick Necklace is included in this early work by Margie Deeb .
(Photo: Melinda Holden)

The Beader's Guide to Color

The Garnet Wine Necklace is also included.
(Photo: Melinda Holden)

500 Brooches: Inspiring Adornments for the Body

The Anemone Vessel Brooch is included in
(Photo: Melinda Holden)

500 Beaded Objects

The Netted Charlottes Bag is included.
(Photo: Melinda Holden)

Beaded Amulet Purses

The Flying Shaman Amulet Bag is included in Nicolette Stessin's book.