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Netted Charlottes Bag


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Netted Charlottes Bag   This bag includes:

Photo: Melinda Holden
  Item #n/a      Lost in Fire
As I child, I often copied an old netted bag my grandmother gave me. When I got a little older, it dawned on me I could make my own netting patterns. Then I discovered Charlottes! I agree with those who have called them the most beautiful beads ever made. They are small seed beads, size 13/o, which have one polished face. For some reason, this makes them far more gorgeous than plain seed beads or the cut ones with many polished faces. The little lights in Charlottes are just wonderful. The ones in this bag are old ones, and holding it makes you want to weep for joy. Fortunately the Czechs are making these beads again in a nice range of colors, so we can once again enjoy them.

This does not imply that this bag was easy to make. Unlike the Japanese beads, Charlottes have fairly small holes. Making this bag was an exercise in patience because of the difficulty of getting needle and thread through the beads as many times as was required.

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