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Flying Shaman Amulet Bag


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Flying Shaman Amulet Bag   This amulet bag includes:
*Old aluminum beads
*Old cut black 15/o beads
*New bronze colored beads
  Item #137               Lost in Fire
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
I made this little bag for a book which was ultimately published by Nicolette Stessin. In the detailed photo, you can see the back of the figure, a little blanket covers the opening of the amulet bag. The figure is taken from a pictograph or petroglyph whose image I had saved. As soon as the piece was made, that picture vanished into the neverwas. I would like to visit the site, but have no idea where it is. Strange.

I found the open-armed stance incredibly appealing, and the flying hair quite dramatic. A heart bead is sewn inside the figure.

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