A lizard grows from a Chinese fingernail cover, one bead at a time.

Photos: Esperanza Zane


About Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon offers one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry and accessories for lovers of beads and stones.

Virgo Moon was established in 1990. As you might guess, the name of my company refers to the astrological observation that my moon is in Virgo. According to some, this accounts for my delight in arranging "little fiddly bits." A piece pleases me if it looks nice from a distance, and continues to surprise as you get closer to see the detail in it. I love the profusion of nature, and you will see this reflected in my work.

I have loved beads and done beadwork since a child. I have taken classes from many, many wonderful teachers and artists in order to develop a rich vocabulary. My gratitude to them for their generosity in sharing their knowledge is enormous.

How many do you make of each piece?

Each item is one of a kind. You can see from my on-line Gallery that pieces vary widely in style. When some object intrigues me, I try to find other objects and beads that feel happy with it. The resulting piece honors each component, and has a unique look.

How can you sell this jewelry when you spend so many hours making it?

I often have the strange sense that a particular object belongs to someone, and that it is my job to place it in a context that will appeal to its rightful owner, draw them to it, delight them with its return. I hope you will find something which speaks to you, please know that was made just for you.

What materials do you use?

Natural stones cut by the finest lapidaries working today, dyed freshwater pearls to add color and luster, recycled silver and gold mill products, fossils, crystals, handmade glass beads, seed beads, bone, shell, antler... you might be surprised at some of the components you will find...

Exactly what is the length measurement you give?

By "length" I mean the necklace length itself-- just to the top of the centerpiece. If the necklace has a large central element or fringe, additional dimensions are given. See the drawing below left. Most necklaces have an attached extension even if it is not shown in the photo, that's why a length range is shown.

What about earrings?

I make lots of different earrings with pretty stones, beadwork, conchos, dangles, etc. I also offer earrings to match most necklaces but if you don't like them you can purchase the necklace without them. I'm happy to make a different style if you would prefer. So let me know what you would like and I'll make them to suit YOU. See: earrings I've made in the past and sample earring styles .

How can I buy a piece from your "Gallery" section?

If you are interested in an item which is no longer available (anything which doesn't have a price on it, is marked "sold" etc.), please contact me to discuss the possibility that I could make something similar.

What about the photos?

I have taken all the photos where credit is not otherwise given. PLEASE NOTE: Each photo has been adjusted for viewing on my screen. I've tried to make the screen images look as much like the actual piece as I can. However, different monitors render the images differently. If something looks really yucky on your screen, please ask me about it. I will send you a printed photo for a nominal charge, refundable on purchase.

What is your mailing list?

I maintain a CanSpam compliant e-mail mailing list. Every month or two when I update my site with new work, I send a short e-mail to let you know. I never make your e-mail address or other information available to anyone else. The company which maintains my e-mail database also has strict privacy policies which protect your e-mail address and is CanSpam compliant. Please click here to add your name. And unsubscribe option is included in every e-mail.

Credit Cards? PayPal?

My AmeriCommerce shopping cart uses PayPal which accepts most credit cards. You do not need to sign up for a free PayPal account to pay via PayPal. If you do not want to use PayPal, you may call me with your credit card information and I will use SquareUp to process the transaction. Please do not send credit card information via e-mail, it is not safe.

International Orders

International customers, if you have an interest in an item, please contact me. Please include the item name or item number that you are interested in along with your mailing address. I will give you a quote for the item, insurance and shipping. If you decide to purchase, I will send you a PayPal invoice for the amount. Shipping is normally the next business day. Note that you do not need to create a PayPal account in order to pay the invoice.

Credit Card Security

The shopping cart service used on these pages is AmeriCommerce, a Texas company which is PCI Certified and meets or exceeds security standards and regulations. Click on the link to read about their service. The shopping cart gives you the option to pay via PayPal where you may enter your credit card information on their secure server. At shows, I use SquareUp. I have done my best to choose companies with good services and a good reputation, but Virgo Moon cannot be responsible for any loss incurred from using the AmeriCommerce, PayPal or SquareUp services. If you have any concerns about entering your credit card information on line, simply contact me by phone. As you know it is not safe to give your card number to someone who calls you (caller ID spoofing is possible), so it is best if you call me on my toll free number (click on the "contact us" link below for all contact information). I will run your card via Square when you call, and do not store credit card information.

Shipping Policies

Click here to see my shipping policies.

What if I don't like it?

There is a 7-day return policy. Just return the piece, insured, in original condition and I will promptly refund the purchase price. I do not refund the shipping costs.

It's hard to be sure what you're getting from the photos.

I keep trying to make the photos better with enlarged images and different views. (Please note that for newer work you can hover over the image to see an enlarged view without clicking off the page.) Also, please check out the testimonials where people have expressed that the work looks better in person. And please contribute your own comments AND your photos! I very much appreciate your feedback!

Has your work been published?

My work is included in several books. There was also an article in Ornament Magazine. It has also been featured in Cowboys and Indians Magazine. You will find references to the books and magazines as well as customer comments on the testimonials page.

What's all this about the fire?

On October 26, 2003 I awoke at 5AM to see the massive Cedar Fire on a ridge line about 5 miles from my home. In less than 10 minutes there was a huge wall of flame all around my house thanks to the 60-80 mph Santa Ana winds. I escaped without injury for which I am very thankful. I lost my home and all my work. More here. I'm finally in my new home and studio and thankfully my property was spared in the Firestorm 2007 which once again ravaged San Diego County.


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