Privacy Policy

General Terms

I value your privacy. I do not sell or distribute your information to anyone (except in the unlikely event such information is lawfully requested by law enforcement).

I collect the following personal information if you provide it:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • List of items you have purchased from me
  • I store this information on my Windows system and automatically install Patch Tuesday updates. I use Vipre security software which downloads new threat definitions virtually every day and which scans my system every night. I have a wired connection to my ISP via a modem protected with a strong password. I do not use Wi-Fi due to health concerns over EMFs. To insure data integrity, I backup automatically every night using Carbonite where the encrypted information is stored on their servers.

    I use your personal information for the following purposes only:

  • Your name and address will be used to send your purchases, and may be used to send discount tickets to shows where I display my work. It might be used to send important business-related correspondence if I am otherwise unable to reach you by phone or email.

  • Your email address will be used for order confirmations, to answer your emailed inquires, for ongoing correspondence about a special order and other business-related communications.

  • Your email address will not be used for my promotional emails unless you sign up to receive those emails via my email subscribe/unsubscribe page. See below for further information about the privacy policies of the vendor I use for my email campaigns.

  • Your phone number will be used to return your calls; answer your questions; inform you of a payment, delivery or other problem; or for other business-related purposes if I am unable to reach you via email or if you specifically request a call back. I will never call you for promotional purposes.

  • The information about previous purchases may be used in relation to current inquiries or purchases, e.g., I'm often asked if a pair of earrings will go with a previous purchase. Special offers may be based on previous purchases at my discretion.
  • Browsing and communicating using my email address

    My website is a secure (SSL) site hosted by and they also provide my email services. Their privacy policy is here. You will notice that I do NOT follow you around on my site and put up ads for my work on other sites you visit.

    I do not allow popup ads on my website. I do offer Amazon and other bookseller links for books (and the occasional toy!) related to the topics my pages cover. These aren't randomly selected or paid ads, they are references quoted and other books that might be of interest regarding the materials used or other aspects of my work. I do receive a few cents if you purchase a book through an Amazon link from my site. Note that to see the links you must disable your ad blocker for my website.

    Email Subscription

    EZezine, the company which maintains my mailing list, has strong privacy policies which prevent access or use of your email information by others. Their privacy policy is here: EZezine.

    Shopping Cart

    My shopping cart is hosted by They are PCI and GDPR compliant as explained here. Note that they do not collect your credit card information, they only handle the shopping cart details (buyer information, items purchased, tax, shipping costs, etc.).

    Credit Card Information

    I do not store credit card information on any of my own computers or in my hardcopy files. Credit card information is handled in several ways:

    On-line purchases from the USA

    If you are making an on-line purchase using a US credit card and shipping to an address within the United States, the shopping cart will compute your total and forward the information to PayPal for payment. PayPal's privacy notice is here. PayPal collects the funds and deposits them to my account, it never shares your credit card information with me.

    Layaway Payments

    For layaways, I normally send a monthly invoice via PayPal so you can click-to-pay using their service. We can also arrange reminders via text message or email if you prefer to pay by check or money order.

    Telephone and Show Orders

    When you purchase from me at a show or over the phone, I will process your credit card transaction using a Square reader on my Android phone. (Or you may send a check or money order.) Square's privacy notice is here.

    Foreign Transactions

    If you wish to purchase an item and your shipping address is outside the United States please contact me. I will compute shipping and other charges and send a PayPal invoice for the purchase or make other arrangements with you. Please DO NOT send your credit card details in your email! Email is not secure!


    Please DO NOT send credit card information via unencrypted email to anyone!

    A note about viruses and spammers: Unfortunately anybody who has a web site with "mailTo" addresses (like my Contact Us option) is vulnerable to the nasty little trick called email spoofing. Spammers "harvest" email addresses from web sites and send their payloads with spoofed sender names. I've even had people I know send me worried notes that they got email from me which looked like it contained a virus. Well, first of all I never spam people. Secondly, I'm religious about maintaining my firewall and anti-virus definitions and running full virus scans regularly. Thirdly, the ezine company I use for my regular mailings is also extremely careful. A virus could get by my various security systems, but I'm doing the best I can to avoid it. So please realize that spam with my name on it in all probability DID NOT come from me. If I could catch one of these spammers I'd teach him to bead!

    Mary Hicklin - Virgo Moon

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