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Eagle Chick Fetish Necklace


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Eagle Chick Fetish Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Eagle chick fetish carved by Lena Boone
*Horn, turquoise
*Heishi: brown pen and brass
*Old trade beads
*Various jasper beads
*Coal jade, picture rock
*Vintage seed beads

Length:  18" (46 cm)
Extension:  5" (13 cm)
Tassel from top of trade bead: 5.5" (14 cm)
Weight:  3.8 oz (118 gm)

  Item #216                       Private Collection
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This little eagle chick fetish is carved in Lena Boone's trademark style. You will find her eagle chicks in books on fetishes. This one is extraordinary since it is mostly a beautiful ochre matrix, with a thin streak of clear gorgeous turquoise right through the middle! She made the most of an unusual stone in this beautiful piece. I placed it in a treasure necklace context, using lots of horn to keep the weight down, turquoise, old trade beads, and compatible stones.

Ted Andrews mentions the eagle represents illumination of spirit, healing and creation. People have revered the eagle since ancient times. Tracing eagle symbolism through the many Native American traditions is a major study in itself. All of that beautiful symbolism is wrapped up in this little chick, bursting with potential.

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