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Anemone Vessel Pin


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Anemone Vessel Pin   This pin includes:
*French beaded anemone and violets
*Glass vessel by Heather Trimlett
*Sterling bezel

Height:  4" (10 cm)
Width of flowers:  3" (8 cm)
Weight:  1.7 oz (53 gm)

  Item #248             Lost in Fire
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
This charming little flower pot of Heather's holds an anemone and some pink violets. Her vessels are full of the most astounding color! Weaving those colors into the beadwork is fun! Please note this pin is a too heavy to be worn on a delicate silk blouse, and should not be repeatedly crushed under a heavy coat. It is best on a coat lapel, denim blouse or vest.

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