*Matte finish Cherry Creek Jasper cut by Gary Wilson
*Rainbow Pyrite druzy cut by Gary Wilson
*Seed beads
*Sterling settings with 14k gold posts

Earring diameter: .75" (1.5cm)
Earring drop length: 1 7/8" (~5 cm)
Earring weight: 7gm ea (a nickel weighs about 5 gm)

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Cherry Creek Earrings

Cherry Creek Earrings
Cherry Creek Earrings on model
Cherry Creek Earrings
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Super colorful, thin ovals of matte Cherry Creek Jasper make pretty earrings. The tops are natural Rainbow Pyrite surrounded by a ruffle of seed beads. I usually design my pieces before I make them, sometimes this works out better than other times. In this case, I had to modify my plans along the way. I hope you will like the result!

This Cherry Creek Jasper comes from the Red River area somewhere in China. Cherry Creek is described as a poorly silicified dolomite and is noted for its strikingly colorful patterns. It is relatively new material so most of the information about it has not yet seeped into books. Zenz does show a couple of examples in Agates III. To add a bit of confusion, according to Ron Gibbs there is also a variety of Owyhee Jasper called Cherry Creek. The Oregon material looks completely different from the Chinese, it is a porcelain jasper with recognizable Owyhee landscapes. Because it is a variety of Owyhee it isn't listed among the 108 named varieties from the Owyhee region listed in Hans Gamma's first book (which is no longer available), nor among the 85 listed in his second.

Rainbow Pyrite druzy is an iridescent form of pyrite, covered with tiny crystals. It is a recent discovery and comes only from one location in Russia. One of Pyrite's key words is "action" according to Simmons. If you like these earrings, please take action to order them today.