*Pyritized Ammonite negatives cut by Gary Wilson
*Rainbow Pyrite cut by Gary Wilson
*Freshwater keshi pearls
*Sterling settings, 14kt gold posts

Earring drop length (longer earring): 1.25" (3 cm)
Earring weight (heavier earring): 6.3 gm a nickel weighs about 5 gm)

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Pyritized Ammonite Negatives and Rainbow Pyrite Earrings

Ammonite and Pyrite Earrings on model
Ammonite and Pyrite Earrings
Ammonite and Pyrite Earrings
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Ammonites are marine molluscs which arose around 400 million years ago, gradually declined and then went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous ~66 million years ago. These earrings aren't actually fossils, they are the impressions or casts of fossils. They are the result of an ammonite falling to the bottom of the sea and leaving its impression in the mud of the sea floor. Eventually Pyrite replaced the mud to give us these beautiful, bronze-colored, highly detailed little molds of the ammonite shells. People often see my Ammonite fossil pieces and assume they are Nautilus shells. The Ammonites and Nautilus groups are related and interestingly, the Nautiloids survived the K-Pg extinction event and persist to this day.

The drusy Rainbow Pyrite disks brighten up the composition with lots of sparkle and color. You might think that Rainbow Pyrite has been fumed to produce the lovely range of colors. Apparently not! Although Pyrite itself occurs all over the world, this drusy Rainbow Pyrite has only recently been found in one location in Russia, and web sources indicate that its beautiful iridescent colors are natural. Please note that these are "sister" earrings: the ammonite negative dangles are different shapes.

Pyrite is said to be an Earth element, Ahsian says its frequency is useful in stimulating creative energy. Melody speaks of it's protective power. These earrings are geological and paleontological wonders. They might be perfect for you!