*Laguna Agate cut by Gary Wilson
*Fluorite flower carving
*Sterling setting
*Signed, numbered, dated

Size: 2.5" x 1.125" (6.5 cm x 3 cm)
Weight: .67 oz (20.8 gm)

Item #724 - SOLD

Laguna Agate Brooch

Laguna Agate Brooch
Laguna Agate Brooch on model
Laguna Agate Brooch
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A perfectly lovely Laguna Agate cut in a subtle heart shape will brighten up your denim jacket, your business suit jacket, a hat, backpack, or whatever needs a little spot of color. Or wear your heart on your sleeve and meditate on the endless delicate layers in this wondrous stone.

One can tell that Zenz loves Lagunas because he includes them in each of his tomes. (When pressed, I heard him admit to his favorite being Laguna Agate, but thought it was a bit mean to insist the poor man choose whom he loves the most from among his tons of rock children).

Melody's comprehensive book says Laguna "assists in decreasing the shallowness of one's character." That seems like a modest and correct way to describe seeking depth. It reminds us that there is no end to it, as does Maharaj when he says, " is enough to not misunderstand." She also mentions that purple Fluorite is a third-eye stone. With Existence as it is, where is there an occasion for boredom? Please order this brooch and plumb its depths. May it reflect your own beauty.