*Carved Agate leaf by the Grimm Hermann company
*Sterling setting

Length: 2.5" x 1" (6 cm x 2.5 cm)
Weight: .4 oz (10.6 gm)

Item #745 - $275

Brooch $275:

Agate Leaf Brooch

Agate Leaf Brooch
Agate Leaf Brooch Detail
Agate Leaf Brooch Back
Agate Leaf Brooch on model
Agate Leaf Brooch on model
Agate Leaf Brooch
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World-famous German cutters tend to congregate at GJX in Tucson every February where a large room is devoted to their amazing booths. This lovely leaf is "agate" they said. The colors are those of a fall leaf just turning from green to red. I captured it in a simple, unobtrusive setting so it would look like you picked up a natural leaf to wear as jewelry. You can wear it as shown, or stem up so the leaf is falling. Either way, its subtle curvature complements the curve of the neck.

How I wish I knew what sort of agate this is and where it came from. Perhaps a reader will enlighten me. The patterns include some vague moss and also some vague flames. These terms are descriptive however and don't necessarily correspond to particular deposits. (Pat McMahan gives gorgeous pictures illustrating the various terms used to describe agates in his new book Agates The Pat McMahan Collection below. His enormous book is beautiful and fascinating and mostly consists of agates he dug himself.) The vendor assured me the color is natural and in fact it does not look like it was dyed. This vendor isn't into mass production and I've found some other amazing one-of-a-kind pieces from them over the years, including the strange and wonderful Pink Granite Cross (here). This little leaf was all alone among the vendor's few boxes of more traditional floral stone carvings-- and I was there on opening day so I doubt they were already sold out. It is more likely the carver was inspired by the colors of this particular translucent stone and made something wonderful out of it. It's an unusual and beautiful carving. Please order it to enjoy with your fall wardrobe or Jeans jacket before I decide to keep it for myself!