*Red Top Jasper with open quartz pocket cut by The Gem Shop
*Sterling setting, handmade sterling chain, lobster clasp
*Free "Hooker" tool*
*Bracelet is signed, numbered, dated

Length: 6.5" - 9.5" (1.5 cm - 24 cm)
Centerpiece: 2" x 1" (5 cm x 2.5 cm)
Weight: 1.3 oz (38 gm)

Item #752 - Sold

Red Top Jasper Bracelet

Red Top Jasper Bracelet
Red Top Jasper Bracelet on model
Red Top Jasper Bracelet on model
Red Top Jasper Bracelet
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This beautiful stone was described as featuring "red, white, orange, and blue-gray jasper with an open quartz pocket in the center." I couldn't find anything called "Red Top Jasper" in my references or on-line, however there is an area called "Red Top" in Ellensburg, Washington that offers rockhounding, hiking, etc. This stone was likely found there, though the general area is more famous for Ellensburg Blue Agate. Gene calls it a jasper but it does have grey-blue inclusions which might be Ellensburg Blue.

I'm especially fond of stones which have little fairy caves like this one does, decorated with tiny sparkly crystals. I think you might like it... won't you order it today?

*Included with the bracelet is a "Hooker" -- a little tool which enables you to comfortably hold the feathered end of the bracelet while hooking the lobster clasp in the chain. Most people can hold the end of the chain easily without the tool, but if you've also been a programmer since the earliest days your hands might complain a bit if asked to do such a thing. From experience I can tell you that the tool is a big help. It can also be used to pull inconvenient zippers, etc.