*Bloodstone from India (aka Heliotrope or Fancy Jasper) cut by Michael Hendrix
*Sterling setting, handmade chain and lobster clasp
*Free "Hooker" tool included*
*Bracelet is signed, numbered, dated

Length: 6.5" - 9" (16 cm - 23 cm)
Centerpiece: 2" x 1 5/8" (5 cm x 4 cm)
Weight: 1.3 oz (36 gm)

Item #755 - $398

Alien Seascape Bracelet

Alien Seascape Bracelet
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Michael Hendrix labeled his stone "Bloodstone" but the colors more closely resemble what is usually termed "Fancy Jasper." It is a silly quibble because both are names for the same stone as is "Heliotrope" as well. We discussed why a normally green stone with red spots would be labeled "Heliotrope" here and another distinction that's occasionally made in the naming here. Note I've added a new book (Chameleo) about invisibility cloaks to the references below that was published after I wrote the aforementioned page quoting Pliny disparaging such foolishness. The book is a wild ride, it mostly took place right here in San Diego -- I well remember the tank incident -- and is apparently not fictional.

But let's get back to the stone in this bracelet. We think of Fancy Jasper as coming from India like the examples Ron Gibbs shows in Agates and Jaspers, but I found a photo in Agates III of what Zenz calls "Bloodstone" from Northern Bohemia whose colors look very similar to this stone. He says the locale supplied excellent jasper to the famous Czech stone-cutting industry for centuries. "Most frequently found was a kind of heliotrope with a blue-green base material." Sounds exactly like our stone! Melody says its message is "be here now." The stone colors are exceptionally beautiful and my somewhat quirky handmade chain is both strong and lovable. Please order it today and enjoy wearing it!

*Included with the bracelet is a "Hooker" -- a little tool which enables you to comfortably hold the feathered end of the bracelet while hooking the lobster clasp in the chain. Most people can hold the end of the chain easily without the tool, but if you've also been a programmer since the earliest days your hands might complain a bit if asked to do such a thing. From experience I can tell you that the tool is a big help. It can also be used to pull inconvenient zippers, etc.