*Pyritized Ammonite negative cut by Gary Wilson
*Natural diamond crystal
*Silver Leaf Agate beads
*Sterling chain with pyrite beads
*Sterling beads and findings
*Necklace is signed, numbered, dated

Length: 17.75" - 22" (45 cm - 56 cm) Shown on model at shortest length
Centerpiece: 1.5" x 1" (4 cm x 2.5 cm)
Weight: 1.3 oz (37 gm)

Item #727 - Sold

Ammonite Heart Necklace

Ammonite Heart Necklace
Ammonite Heart Necklace Detail
Ammonite Heart Necklace on model
Ammonite Heart Necklace
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Here we have a delicate necklace with a swirling heart cut from a pyritized ammonite negative and a tiny raw diamond crystal set in gold.

An ammonite negative (or ammonite reverse) is the impression left behind by an ammonite. It is as though our ammonite walked barefoot on the ancient beach, the mud hardened and was eventually replaced by pyrite, preserving the footprints. Check out the wonderful ammonite toy shown at the bottom of this page! You can compare its side view to the impression in this stone to see how one of the creatures sank into the mud on its side. This toy also helps you understand how the actual ammonites in my work look when they are cut longitudinally here and here, and in cross section here. Ammonites had a good long run, appearing in the Denovian (419 - 359 million years ago) and not dying out completely until the Cretaceous–Tertiary K–T extinction event 66 million years ago.

Raw diamonds are the cool kids now, as you may have observed. In days past, a cute little grey cube like this one would likely have been ground up to be sintered or otherwise bonded onto a cutting tool. Happily I was able to rescue it and a few of its siblings which may pop up in other projects someday.

Please order this necklace for yourself or perhaps for someone who made a beautiful impression on you.