*Lace agate cut by Michael Hendrix
*Sterling setting and band
*Signed, numbered, dated

Stone approximately 1" in diameter (2.5 cm)
Size 8, adjustable
Weight: .48 oz (15 gm)

Item #695 - Sold

Owl Shaman Ring

Owl Shaman Ring
Owl Shaman Ring Detail
Owl Shaman Ring on model
Owl Shaman Ring
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Can you see the barn owls in the stone? I also see a shaman below them, arms outstretched, calling them. Of course you might see something completely different in this attractive little stone, or it might reveal different aspects as you study it.

The Druid Animal Oracle gives owl detachment, wisdom and change. The Medicine Cards give owl deception which has to be understood carefully. They are not saying the owl is a deceiver; rather that the positive side of owl is that, as with Athena's owl, since it travels in the dark it prevents one from being deceived, it illuminates what she does not know, and thus gives her the power to speak the whole truth not just half the truth. They read an upside down owl card as reflecting the possibility one is being deceived and might even have veered off the path into using black magic. Ted Andrews also mentions that owl medicine enables one to see and hear what others try to hide.

The band is heavy silver so when you order, let me know your ring size so I can adjust it for you.