*Caressite heart cut by Gary Wilson
*Sterling setting with 14kt gold accents
*Brooch is signed, numbered, dated

Brooch: 2 7/8" x 1 5/8" (7.5 cm x 4 cm)
Weight: .68 oz (19.2 gm)

Item #694 - Sold

Caressite Brooch

Caressite Brooch
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We probably need to start with a discussion of spelling. The invoice for this stone calls it Carressite. When you ask Mr. Google about that name, the search results come back in French and Images give you the kitten and puppy. When you ask about Caressite (the correct spelling) Mr. Google asks, "Did you mean: caresite" but it does offer images of a few Caressite stones among a bunch of other jaspers from the area (some of which are called Caressite but are not). Gamma and Jensen explain that the deposit was discovered in the 1970s by Charlie Caress, he sold the material under the name of Charlie's Pride. Today the stone is named after its discoverer, so Caressite should be correct.

Caressite is a lovely porcelain jasper from the Owyhee region in Oregon which bears a familial relation to the famous Morrisonite. While one text says that both Morrisonite and Caressite are vein jaspers, Gamma and Jensen say Caressite occurs in nodules and some thin veins. This may reflect a difference between older information about the more shallow areas of the deposit and the newer situation in deeper areas of the mine. Apparently the mine is now more than 60' deep, with the colors of the jasper becoming brighter at greater depths. Agates III profiles Steve Schultz, the present claim holder. I went to his website and found that he spells it Carrasite. Oh dear! I also see Carasite, Carrisite, Carracite... on the web. I'm choosing to follow Zenz in saying the stone has "caress" in its name.

Gamma and Jensen note something I hadn't heard of before: the now exhausted Indian War Paint Jasper (or Indian War Bonnet Jasper) came from a thin horizontal layer directly above the original Caressite deposit. Looking at examples of the two stones there is no question but that they are quite different from one another.

This little heart would enjoy sitting on your lapel to radiate the love in your heart, won't you please order it today?