*Fordite cabs cut by Gary Wilson
*Sterling settings, 14k gold posts

Earrings: 1 1/8" x 3/4"(3 cm x 2 cm)
Earring weight: 3.1 gm ea (a nickel weighs about 5 gm)

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Fordite Deco Earrings

Fordite Deco Earrings
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Really cool colors and swirls, don't you think? "Fordite" is cut from layers of automotive paint which accumulated over time in old auto factories before they started using electrostatic methods to suck the paint onto the cars and make overspray a thing of the past. So Fordite a vanishing resource. These little cabs are very thin so the earrings are light and comfortable to wear. The material is unusual and perhaps a car aficionado will write to tell me the year and model of the cars that got these paint colors.

I checked Melody (who has entries for everything) but she has no entry for Fordite or Detroit Agate as this is sometimes called. It's not surprising. I couldn't pick up any living energy off these little cabs, perhaps nobody can. That doesn't mean they aren't pretty and interesting! The colors and swirls say "Deco" to me, but they will go with almost anything. Please order them today!