*Plume agate cut by Gary Wilson
*Old stone beads, jasper heart
*Sterling setting, charm, handmade chain, lobster clasp
*Includes "Hooker" tool to make it easy to put on
*Bracelet is signed, numbered, dated

Length: Adjustable to 9" (23 cm)
Centerpiece: 1.5" (4 cm)
Weight: 1.2 oz (34.7 gm)

Item #671 - $398

Bracelet with
Hooker tool

Pele Bracelet

Pele Bracelet
Pele Bracelet on model
Pele Bracelet
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This peculiar matte-finish plume agate has natural openings in what looks like lava. The scene looks like a volcano with the goddess Pele above, arms extended in a gesture of embracing the mountain. It is an odd stone but very powerful. It called out to me and there was no way I could fail to buy it. To me it is a meditation stone, ideal for the wrist.

Karen Brzys lists the different types of agate of which plume is one. Plume is characterized by plume-, flower-, plant- and feather-like inclusions in translucent chalcedony. The plume agates are distinguished from dendritic and moss agates in that the plumes form in a variety of colors including black, brown, red, yellow and orange. It's a stretch to see plumes in this stone, but certainly it has the colors she describes. Unfortunately Gary didn't specify what type of plume agate it is or where it came from. Gary is a brilliant cutter, he finds beauty where others might see only ash as in this stone. I suspect many cutters would have discarded this piece, and it would have been our loss.

Note that on most wrists, there will be a little extra chain that dangles down. I can cut this off and move the tag and charm to the last link if you would like. Please discuss this with me. The "Hooker" tool is included to make the bracelet easy to put on.

Please order this bracelet today and you may find yourself wandering its depths.