*Dendritic limestone (Solenhofn, Germany) on jet, cut by Eidos
*Sterling setting with bronze overlay cast from cactus
*Mongolian and Madagascar jet beads
*Golden jade (serpentine), yellow amazonite, 1.5mm hand cut golden mother of pearl
*Vermeil beads, cones; gold-filled wire
*14k leverbacks
*Necklace is signed, numbered, dated

Length: 19" - 24" (48 cm - 61 cm) Shown on model at shortest length
Centerpiece: 2" x 1 7/8" (5 cm x 4.8 cm)
Weight: 2.7 oz (77 gm)

Earring drop length: 1" (2.5 cm)
Earring weight: 1.9 gm ea (a nickel weighs about 5 gm)

Item #599 (set) - $1,050

Necklace and
Earrings - $1,050:
    Necklace alone

Dendritic Limestone Necklace and Earrings

Dendritic Limestone Necklace
Dendritic Limestone Necklace Detail
Dendritic Limestone Necklace Back
Dendritic Limestone Necklace on model
Dendritic Limestone Earrings
Dendritic Limestone Necklace
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Dendritic limestone looks for all the world like a fossil plant and hence it is labeled a pseudofossil. As we have discussed before, dendrites are manganese oxides which take their name from their branching growth habit (the Greek δένδρον means "tree") . They look rather like the branched projections on the neurons in your brain which also are called dendrites. The bronze overlay on the sterling setting extends the botanical theme. I put a bunny on the back to nibble in the garden.

Solnhofen limestone is famous for its Jurassic fossils including the famous Archaeopteryx and detailed imprints of soft-bodied organisms. Twenty-nine types of pterosaurs ("winged lizard") alone have been found.