*Piranha (Brazilian) agate cut by Gary Wilson
*14kt gold post earrings with 5mm ball and back
*Gold-filled wire, vermeil spacers
*Hessonite garnets

Length of drop: 3.25" (8.5cm)
Weight: 6.1 gm each (a nickel weighs about 5 gm)

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Piranha Earrings

Piranha Earrings
Piranha Earrings
Piranha Earrings
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Incredibly thin, long, beautifully banded transparent slices of Brazilian Piranha agate make a subtly dramatic statement! The lower image shows the earrings in transmitted light so you can get another perspective on how gorgeous the stones are. Because they are so thin each weighs barely more than a nickel does. The cushioned backs make them very comfortable to wear. It is worth noting that agates are very tough so breakage should not be a concern if the earrings are treated with reasonable care.

Piranhas come from Guarapuava in the federal state of Parana. Zenz (in Agates II) speculates that the 'piranha' name is either the result of a misunderstanding of the source or a misspelling of 'Parana.' I hoped to have a fascinating story of underwater miners braving piranhas to bring you these lovely stones, but apparently not. That doesn't mean that agate mining in Brazil is any less dangerous. Miners do work underwater in some locations and also in unstable tunnels. In his first volume, Agates, Zenz says, "Many of the small, local operators attempt their luck working under unimaginable conditions and with considerable effort... The miners, and their families, live quite poorly... It gives you something to think about when you hold a fabulous Brazilian agate in your hands!"

Please order these fabulous earrings and let them whisper to you about their exotic origins.