*Poppy jasper cut by Eidos
*Handmade flowers of seed beads and pearls
*Sterling setting, findings
*Signed, numbered, dated

Length:  19" - 26" (48 cm - 66 cm)
Centerpiece:  3.5" x 1.5" (9 cm x 4 cm)
Weight:  4.8 oz (136 gm)

Item #531 - Sold

Poppy Bouquet Necklace

Poppy Bouquet Necklace
Poppy Bouquet Necklace
Poppy Bouquet Necklace
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Jaspers are the most astonishingly beautiful stones! Poppy jasper most often has red-orange poppies, but in this stone they are dark salmon. The orbs look more like big cabbage roses than poppies, don't they? Technically an orbicular jasper, geologists would assert that neither God nor the rock fairies painted these flowers individually; rather they are the end result of a complex series of steps spanning eons. In fact, you can find a most interesting abstract of a paper on the subject by Jenise Honesto and L. K. Fox here. Wiki traces the etymology of the word "jasper" back to the Persian, and asserts that it means "spotted or speckled stone." To me, geological explanations are all well and good, but they beg the question of why these stones are so beautiful. It seems we ought to get the Transcendentals into the equation somewhere. I hope I have not offended the Transcendentals in my use of this amazing stone.

It seemed to me that the flowers in the stone wanted more flowers in the design, so I designed my silver setting to include attachments for the beaded flowers. Luscious and lustrous fresh water pearls complete the composition. Please order this unusual everlasting bouquet and enjoy it year 'round!