*Hart Mountain jasper cut by Gary Wilson
*Two 2.75 ct. faceted tourmalines
*14kt post settings, 18kt wire and beads

Length:  2.75" (7 cm)
Weight:  5.1 gm each (a nickel weighs about 5 gm)

Item #510 - Sold

Hart Mountain Jasper Earrings

Hart Mountain Jasper Earrings

Gary thought the little fault on the inside curve of the right-hand stone was a "flaw" but to me it means these are real stones. The shapes are gorgeous, the large stones are extremely thin so the earrings weigh almost nothing. I deliberately chose slightly different colored tourmalines to pick the different colors in the jasper. You may have noticed that I'm no fan of identical earrings!

One web site claims that Hart Mountain jasper is the original porcelain jasper. It says it is found in Oregon above 7,000 ft. It notes also that very little is being found any more and the prices have risen to astronomical levels, as have prices for other rare jaspers.

I have lamented many times that there seem to be no fabulous picture books showing the extraordinary beauty of the jasper family. Within the Stone has a nice selection, but we need a monumental work with thousands of images! After penning this lament (can you "pen" on a keyboard?), my hot-off-the-press copy of Agates II by Johann Zenz arrived. Among the 656 pages and 2,200 color images is a nearly 40-page section devoted to jasper!!! Everything stopped while I became intoxicated by the extraordinary beauty of this volume and by the ink fumes. Fortunately now that I've had it open for a few days the latter have dissipated, though not the former! He mentions jaspers and jasper-agates elsewhere in the work as well. To quote Zenz, "There is hardly another stone in the world which is more wide spread and occurs in such a multitude of colors, forms and structures, than jasper. Its beauty has transcended cultures, and for centuries, Jasper has been crafted into adornments and art as well as practical objects. However, little has been known about its genesis, denomination, deposits and locations, and very little has been published on the subject of jaspers. This chapter is the first in-depth attempt of presenting the varieties of jaspers and world-wide locations, where they can be found..." As far as I know, The Gem Shop is the only place where this book can be found (please tell them I sent you), and it will undoubtedly sell out as fast as the first volume which I have quoted elsewhere on this site. He mentions the lattice agates of Hart mountain as being "jasper like," but does not show examples of Hart Mountain jasper.

Green tourmalines (which can include these more yellowish ones) are heart stones said to assist with channeling Nature's healing power. Edgar Cayce calls jasper a "grounding" stone. He lists it as the likely 12th stone in the Aaron's breastplate. The Book of Stones considers each type of jasper to have unique properties and unfortunately does not list Hart Mountain. Melody calls jasper the "supreme nurturer." I hope you will order these earrings and conduct your own metaphysical experiments on the specific properties of these lovely stones.