*Florida agatized coral
*Sterling bezels and posts

Length:  1.25" (3.2 cm)495-1
Weight:  4.1 gm each (a nickel weighs 5 gm)

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Fossil Coral Earrings

Fossil Coral Earrings

These Agatized Coral fossils show coral structures which appear somewhat similar to the well-known Michigan Petoskey stones. It is fascinating that the Petoskeys are about 350 million years old while the Florida corals are "only" 20-40 million years old. When you realize that early corals are known from 540 million years ago and that modern corals still survive to this day, it appears their survival strategy is a pretty good one. (Unfortunately today they are in serious decline with half the world's coral reefs expected to die by 2030. Yes we CAN save them!) June Culp Zeitner's fascinating chapter about the Florida coral geodes (see below) explains how the corals fossilized and turned to solid agate. This particular slab did not take the super high polish that one expects to see in an agate. The "softer" surface is nice though, and reminds you that living creatures once inhabited the little houses in the earrings.