*25 ct. rough, uncut natural diamonds
*Akoya keshi pearls
*14k cones, tag, lobster claw hook; GF wire
*Signed, numbered, dated

Length:  18.5" (47 cm)
Weight:  .5 oz (14.5 gm)
Diamonds:  Approx. 2mm square (a little over 1/16")

Item #462 - Sold

Diamonds in the Rough Necklace

Diamonds in the Rough Necklace
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For your pleasure: a delicate composition of variously colored rough diamonds and keshi pearls. In years past, little diamonds like this might well have gone to industrial uses. Now we appreciate how beautiful rough diamonds are in all their natural colors. The diamonds in this strand vary from greys to yellowish greens. Diamond, hardest natural substance known, serves as the reference in the Mohs scale of hardness. How then did they drill these diamonds to turn them into beads? Most likely they were drilled with a laser which is able to vaporize diamond. Technology has brought us a way to wear beads of rough diamond crystals, a happy thing since Simmons mentions that "Diamond crystals are transducers which can make the high-frequency vibrational energies of the spirit realms more available to the conscious self."

The pearls are true keshis, that is, they come from the Japanese saltwater Akoya oysters. The Chinese are also producing what they call keshi pearls which are mass produced fresh water pearls. In contrast, Japanese keshi occur as natural byproducts of the culturing process and represent less than 0.5% of the yearly Akoya production. They are rare and very beautiful gifts of the sea. Kunz says "To the share of Venus fall the ...pearl; Mars lays claim to the diamond..." Perhaps you will find Mars and Venus cooperating in this sweet necklace.

PLEASE NOTE: I changed the "S" clasp shown in ths photo to a lobster clasp for added security. Please click on the image to see an enlarged photo with the lobster clasp.