*Dolomite heart cut by Diana Arbow
*Mookite jasper
*Sterling beads and findings
*Signed, numbered, dated

Length:  22" - 27" (56 cm - 69 cm)
Heart:  1.75" high (4.5 cm)
Weight:  2 oz (56 gm)

Item #453 - Sold

Crystals of Wisdom Nestle in an Open Heart Necklace

Open Heart Necklace
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It seems to me dolomite is somewhat neglected. It's very hard to find dolomite beads, for example. Kunz doesn't mention it. Simmons says it is excellent for achieving calm, centeredness and balance, he says it acts like a "reset" button on the emotions. He claims it "harmonizes" with almost every type of stone and that's undoubtedly true metaphysically, but it certainly does not apply to designing jewelry with it! I found this beautiful heart had such a strong, clear presence that other stones were rather embarrassed by it. I didn't sense that it had any ego to defend at all, but somehow that seemed to shame almost everything I tried to put with it. The two little pieces of mookite were a surprise, mookite (or "mook jasper") normally is so full of itself it can't even get along with other mookite. These two were the wallflowers of my mookite collection and were happy to be appreciated for their subtlety (which differs markedly from their compatriots). I've had the beautiful heart for several years now, tucked away with the two mookite beads, unable to move forward with it. Finally I realized the rudraksha (tears of Shiva) were perfect. Natural seeds, rudraksha are traditionally used in Hindu malas.