*Hand carved opal snake
*Australian opal beads
*Sterling bezel, beads, findings, leverback earrings
*Necklace is signed, numbered, dated

Length:  18.5" - 24" (47cm - 61cm)
Weight:  1.8 oz (49 gm)
Centerpiece:  1.5" x 1" (4cm x 2.5cm)
Earring dangle:  1" (2.5 cm)
Earring weight:  .05 oz (1.4 gm -- a nickel weighs about 5 gm)

Photos 1 & 2: Melinda Holden

Item #454 - Sold

Little Blue Snake Necklace

Little Blue Snake Necklace
Little Blue Snake Necklace Detail
Little Blue Snake Necklace Back
Little Blue Snake Earrings
Little Blue Snake Necklace
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The little opal snake was hand carved from a lovely bright blue piece of opal by some unknown Asian carver. The opal beads were a wonderful find, full of soft blues and greys and subtle play of color. Melinda always has to do something with my extensions when she photographs my work. In this case, I loved the way she cleverly made the extension look like a snake!

In The Book of Stones Ahsian claims blue opal promotes a calm and centered mind, facilitates spiritual understanding and even helps calm respiratory inflammation.

Readers are already well aware that I like animals, even ones as reviled as the rattlesnake. I am very fortunate to have at least one and possibly three species of rattler on my property. One day my brilliant kitty Sombrita pointed one out to me while we were living in our trailer after the fire. She went running to a window and appeared quite concerned. I assumed there was yet another coyote in the yard, but couldn't see one. Finally I saw that she was staring at a little Southern Pacific rattler who was trying to climb a steep bank behind the trailer. I can't imagine how she knew he was there. I went out to greet him but had a terrible time finding him again until he moved because their coloration enables them disappear in plain sight. Perhaps because I like snakes I have never had one rattle at me. I've come across extremely agitated snakes which were already rattling, but for the rest, I can seem to walk up to a respectful distance without causing them to get all upset. I think it is a shame that people are so hateful toward such a beneficial animal. Naturally you can't have them around small children and in their habitat you have to walk mindfully, but the same cautions are in order in mountain lion country, in bear country, etc. Why do we panic when we see a little snake? It's a question that Freud had a field day with. I don't think his thoughts exhaust the subject of snake phobias and symbolism. The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams gives all sorts of meanings to the snake in addition to phallic ones, from depicting one's shadow, fear of what you do not understand, through healing and enlightenment. The Secret Language of Dreams gives a brief and clear discussion of the difference between Freud's view that dream images are signs with fixed interpretations and Jung's notion that dream images are symbols, able to make themselves felt, with layers and depths of meaning. Nicoll gives examples of these two approaches. Gendlin, in Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams shows how to work with dream material to explore these deeper layers of meaning.

The snake is important in many cultures. Snakes are common in Native American rock art. McManis says the Zuni associate them with lightning. The Medicine Cards give the snake "transmutation" because it sheds its skin as distinguished from the "transformation" the butterfly undergoes. Pre-Columbian American Religions details the feathered serpents of Mesoamerica; in south-central America and Andean regions the serpent deity in Lake Guatavita and evil serpents in Ecuador; the connections with birds in Guiana; and more. Eberhard says the snake, fifth creature in the Chinese zodiac, is regarded as clever but wicked though snake skins are thought to bring riches. And I've quoted Jesus' famous remark elsewhere. We could go on and on with snake lore!

If you have a deep-seated fear of our snake friends, perhaps this little blue snake would bring healing. If you already love these beautiful creatures then perhaps this necklace is for you! If you feel a transmutation is needed in your life, the snake may help. In any case, won't you give the little blue snake a home?