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I value your privacy.

I will not sell or distribute your information to anyone. The ezine company which maintains my mailing list has strong privacy policies which prevent access to your email information by others.

I do not store credit card information on any of my own computers. See the About Virgo Moon page for information on the shopping cart software I use and how credit card information is handled.

Add or Remove yourself from my mailing list at any time.

SECURITY NOTE: Please DO NOT send credit card information via unencrypted email to anyone!

A note about viruses and spammers: Unfortunately anybody who has a web site with "mailTo" addresses (like my Contact Us option) is vulnerable to the nasty little trick called email spoofing. Spammers "harvest" email addresses from web sites and send their payloads with spoofed sender names. I've even had people I know send me worried notes that they got email from me with a virus in it. Well, first of all I never spam people. Secondly, I'm religious about maintaining my firewall and anti-virus definitions and running full virus scans regularly. Thirdly, the ezine company I use for my regular mailings is also extremely careful. A virus could get by my various security systems, but I'm doing the best I can to avoid it. So please realize that spam with my name on it in all probability DID NOT come from me. If I could catch one of these spammers I'd teach him to bead!

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