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Black and White Agate Earrings

Black and White Agate Earrings   The Black and White Agate Earrings include:
*Beautiful high-domed black and white agate cabs by Gary Wilson
*Sterling settings and posts
*Signed, numbered, dated

Length:  round: 5/8" diameter; long: 1.25"
Weight:  .13 oz (3.6 gm) and .145 oz (4.2 gm) (A nickel weighs about 5 gm)

  Item #472                       Sold

No, they don't "match." If you must know, it is very difficult for me to make two of anything! That's probably why I don't emphasize earrings. At shows, people are shocked to see earrings like this, they think I must have made a mistake. Well, no. To me these earrings match perfectly!!! And they are great fun to wear. The stones are exquisite, with bright stripes of white in a deep black ground. I do hope someone else agrees that earrings can be more interesting if they include a little bit of variation! If so, I know you'll enjoy this pair.

One-of-a-kind, subject to prior sale

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