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Purple Pearls Necklace

Purple Pearls Necklace   The Purple Pearls Necklace includes:
*Vermeil cones, gold filled wire
*Hand knotted on silk
*Signed, numbered, dated

Length:  29.5" (75 cm)
Weight:  3.1 oz (87 gm)

Photo: Melinda Holden

  Item #448                       SOLD
Why did I name this "Purple Pearls"??? These pearls have every color imaginable, under some lighting conditions they look predominantly purple to me. Curiously, the camera didn't agree. There is another point worth mentioning: the pearls, which I purchased from a reputable dealer, were labeled "keshi." I don't recall if I mentioned it to the seller or not. If I had, I'm sure she would have agreed they are NOT keshi pearls. They are just plain, ordinary, not-so-ordinary-at-all pearls in amusing shapes and dyed in amazing colors!

One-of-a-kind, subject to prior sale

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