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Persian Miniature Earrings

Persion Miniature Earrings   These earrings include:
*Mexican Lace Agate cut by Thom Lane
*Jasper hearts
*Sterling bezels, conchos, ear posts

Length:  2.25" (5.5 cm) total including chonchos
Conchos:  .75" (2 cm)
Stones:  1 1/8" high (3 cm)
.3 oz each (8 gm - a nickle weighs about 5 gm)

Photo: Melinda Holden

  Item #414                       SOLD
These exquisite little cabochons looked like illuminations from an antique miniature Persian manuscript to me. People often ask about these stones (and several others too) "How did you paint that on there?" I always say, "God painted it."

The exhaustive treatise, Agates by Johann Zenz with its 2,000 spectacular photos and excellent text, says "Lace agate from Northern Mexico is undoubtedly the best-known agate in the world... The original discovery of Lace agate is attributed to Maria Cruz Muñoz, an alleged crazy lady (with the nickname of 'The Turkey')... The typical characteristics of the ...agate are the unique, extremely irregular and complex bands, patterns and 'eyes.' It is quite just to call them 'crazy.'... Secondary iron oxides sometimes lend a yellow, orange, red, brown or black color..."

Bill Atkinson's Within the Stone (below) offers a more poetic view. You may know this marvelous work which consists of his stunning photographs and short essays by writers responding to each photo. In it, Jim Horgan, inspired by a photo of crazy lace agate, writes, "...[S]ome physicists discern a fundamental increment beyond which no smaller thing exists. This is the Planck scale, 10-35 meters, where superstrings supposedly shimmy quarks, protozoans, zebras, nuns, quasars -- this whole weird show -- into being. Just a guess of course, a wishful one, meant to ward of the vertigo induced by our apprehension of bottomlessness. The Mandelbrot set, mother of all fractals, may be more apt a metaphor for our plight. Magnify the set's crazy-lace border, and you keep spiraling down into new realms, iterations of the primal pattern, forever. No matter how far you burrow into the heart of things, you never arrive. There is no ground of being."

These earrings may whisper philosophical poetry into your ears, or may inspire contemplation of this beautiful world we have been given. I hope you will enjoy them.

One-of-a-kind, subject to prior sale

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