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Horned Toad Earrings

Horned Toad Earrings   These earrings include:
*Sterling heart conchas
*Turquoise cabs and beads
*Sterling posts and charms

Length:  2 5/8" (6cm) including heart and dangles
Weight:  .4 oz each (11 gm)

  Item #416                       SOLD
The sterling horned toad castings are very detailed. The little lizards and feathers are one-sided charms which don't have a design on the reverse. All keep their detailed side up so the earrings always look pretty.

I'm sure you are aware that horned toad is actually a lizard. Ted Andrews (see below) mentions how expressive horned lizards are and describes various bluffing behaviors the poor babies employ when threatened. He says that those with a horned toad totem should express their emotions rather than camouflage them. What he fails to mention is that horned toads like to have their tummies rubbed, but only if they think Mother Nature herself is doing it. If you see one sometime, please do your best not to scare him! These lizards perform extraordinary defensive maneuvers to keep from getting eaten and the stress can cause them harm. Please resist the temptation to pick them up or take them home. Their numbers are diminishing rapidly and it is urgent to leave them in the breeding population.

PLEASE NOTE: These earrings are on the heavy side. They weigh 11gm each, slightly more than 2 nickels which weigh about 5gm each. The clutches have a wide plastic rim for comfort which distributes the weight.

One-of-a-kind, subject to prior sale

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