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Crayfish Decorative Tassel

Crayfish Decorative Tassel   The Crayfish Decorative Tassel includes:
*Hand carved crayfish of naturally shed moose antler
*Handmade glass bead by Jo Zekowski
*Pearls, keshi pearls, rutilated quartz
*Mother of pearl, seed beads
*Love beads
*Signed, numbered, dated

Length:  9.5" (24 cm)
Photo: Melinda Holden

  Item #441                       Sold
You may be asking yourself just how "decorative" this Crayfish Decorative Tassel is. Some beholders may not find it beautiful, but I find all God's creatures beautiful. AND, God has decorated it beautifully with appendages and way cool eyestalks. Sure I agree it has evolved into this amazing form through beneficial mutations and natural selection, but Who set up that system? Anyway, I decorated it even further because I believe everything looks better with beads, also they give this cute guy something to play with.

This amazing Indonesian carving is likely some sort of Indonesian freshwater crayfish, but so far I haven't been able to key it out. Wikipedia offers a map of the distribution of the southern hemisphere family of crayfish which doesn't show any occurrence in Indonesia. However, there are photos of Indonesian crayfish on the net. Indonesian carvings of animals are most often highly realistic so I suspect this creature exists there. In fact a friend looked at it and said he'd eaten them while he was there!

As far as I know, moose do NOT occur in Indonesia. The vendor from whom I purchased the carving collects the naturally-shed antler in Alaska and has it carved in Indonesia. He was a little surprised to find this thing in with his order among all the more popular carvings of wolves, dragons, dolphins, lizards, frogs, etc. How could I resist it though??? Here's an odd factoid about the moose: the male drops his huge antlers after the mating season and grows new ones the following year. It takes only 3 to 5 months to grow the new antlers, Wiki says this makes moose antlers one of the fastest growing organs in the world. And yes, antlers are considered to be "organs" because they are a fully differentiated structural and functional unit, specialized for a particular function.

Crayfish, along with crabs, shrimp, lobsters, barnacles and even isopods are crustaceans, technically the subphylum crustacea within the phylum arthropoda. The distinction between crayfish and lobster is usually based on their habitat: freshwater creatures are most often called crayfish while their marine cousins are called lobsters. Like the insects, crustaceans have walking legs on their thorax (yes, barnacles have legs). In addition, crustaceans also have appendages on their abdomens called pleopods which are used for swimming. Have you ever kept crayfish as pets? I can tell you from experience that they're clever little rascals, able to get out of the aquarium and meet you in the kitchen. The babies are so cute!

I hope you will find this creature interesting and will enjoy displaying it. The very delicate carving seemed a bit too fragile to wear and I don't recommend you subject it to heavy use (e.g., on a key chain). The crayfish would be happier hanging someplace where he won't get banged or crushed but where he can be admired while watching what's going on with those marvelous eyes.

LOVE BEADS: This piece includes "love beads," beads given to me after the fire by friends and strangers. The necklace carries the energy of their loving concern.

One-of-a-kind, subject to prior sale

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