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Elegant Wolf Necklace

Elegant Wolf Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Picasso jasper wolf by Jeff Tsalabutie
*Picasso jasper
*Sterling beads and findings
*Signed, dated

  Item #403       Sold
This extraordinary wolf is small, elegant of line and beautifully polished. The tiny eyes are inlaid of turquoise. The rich colors of the stone follow the animal's contours. The wolf has an expressive face and naturalistic posture. He wanted to be the focal point of a simple, richly colored necklace. The round beads are Picasso, the disks and squares are abalone shell.

The wolf is a major fetish animal in Zuni tradition, it is the protective and hunting animal of the east. On the medicine wheel, the east represents illumination.

In the Medicine Cards, wolf is called teacher. Indeed, wolf culture seems to be a model of sustainability, with strong family ties and intelligent adaptation to what Mother Earth provides her children at the time. Most mate for life and family groups share pup rearing duties. They limit their reproduction in lean times. Their hunting strategy of culling the weakest prey animals not only reduces the risk to themselves but strengthens the prey population as well. They consume prodigious numbers of rodents, helping to keep these populations in check. It is curious then that our own species, rather than learning from this admirable teacher, has carried on a vendetta against the wolf throughout history. The Druid Animal Oracle mentions that the last wolf in Britain was killed in 1743. Wolf has until recently been virtually irradicated from the lower 48, and reintroduction/recovery efforts have met with hostility. Today environmental organizations are flooding my mailbox with pleas to help stop the gunning of wolves from aircraft in Alaska. So, in addition to writing my letters, I'm joining with the carver of this beautiful creature to send the message that wolves have their rightful place in the great web of creation. Perhaps you will listen to this little wolf as he sings to the moon. Perhaps when you wear him, you will find raven hanging around, attempting to establish a collaborative relationship. Perhaps he will bring a powerful wolf teacher to you to guide you on your way.

One-of-a-kind, subject to prior sale

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