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Amazonite Medicine Bear Necklace

Amazonite Medicine Bear Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Amazonite medicine bear by Michael Mahooty
*Arizona sunset jasper cut by Gary Wilson
*Sterling-capped dentalium
*Sterling beads, bezels, findings
*Signed, dated

Length:  24" - 28" (61cm - 74cm)
Bear:  1.5" x 2" (4cm x 5cm)
Drop:   3" (7cm) long
Weight:  6 oz (170 gm)

Photo: Melinda Holden

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This tranquil bear is in medicine pose with its head down (see references below). The carver made excellent use of the beautiful gradations in the stone. The bear, protective animal of the west, is one of the most important fetish animals. It represents introspection and healing. The Book of Stones says Amazonite's element is water, it is a stone of harmony, a truth teller and a peacemaker. The lesson here seems clear: follow bear into the dream cave, quiet the mind, learn one's lessons, then speak the truth.

Aquamarine ("water of the sea") seemed the best match for the pale amazonite bear. The watery crystals are cooling and soothing. They are supposed to help balance excessive anger and fear which may be encountered during introspection, and also assist in clear communication of the truth one comes to not misunderstand--and as Maharaj notes, "it is enough to not misunderstand."

Dentalium shells were used as money by Native Americans. Their beautiful shapes and soft colors accent this necklace, referencing traditional bear claw necklace designs. Sterling caps protect the shells and finish their top edges.

One-of-a-kind, subject to prior sale

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