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Nicole's Watermelon and Tourmaline Necklace

  This necklace includes:
*Watermelon tourmaline slices (50.6 cts in necklace and earrings)
*Keshi pearls
*Thai silver beads (96% silver)
*Sterling cones, findings, beads (in extension)
*Signed, dated

Length:  23"
Extension:  5"

  Item #358                SOLD
I wish I were a better photographer. The tourmalines are delicately colored, with a nice green rind and very delicate pink interior. They are a bit rambunctious, flipping this way and that for a casual effect. The keshi pearls practically glow. The Thai silver beads next to each tourmaline slice are very bright and sparkly, but almost disappear next to the lustrous pearls. No matter, they fit snugly up against the tourmalines for a nice effect, and hide the pearl knots. The necklace is hand-knotted on silk. A separate extension can be hooked in to add up to 5 more inches in length.

One-of-a-kind, subject to prior sale

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