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Froggie Necklace


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Frogie Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Karen Zunie turquoise frog
*Turquoise, lapis
*Sterling beads and findings
*Signed, dated

Length:  16" - 20" (41cm - 52cm)
Weight:  1.1 oz (31 gm)

  Item #314                       Sold
I'm living in a cozy little travel trailer (very cozy!) while planning and building a new home. The other morning I was sitting on the edge of the bed without my contacts and noticed that a very tiny piece of the carpet appeared to be moving. I tiptoed past it and retrieved my glasses to find it was a precious Pacific Treefrog, somewhat bigger than the one on this necklace. He would not reveal how he got in, much less how he survived the fire. He's back in the garden now and sometimes serenades me in the evening. The Audubon field guide says, "When Hollywood moviemakers need an authentic outdoor nighttime sound, they often record its call. As a consequence, the Pacific Treefrog has been heard around the world." Sams and Carson (Medicine Cards) tell us, "Frog teaches us to honor our tears, for they cleanse the soul." Ted Andrews mentions the common association of frogs with fertility, some authors go so far as to recommend caution in the care of frog fetishes for this very reason! Anyway, I decided it was time to make the froggie necklace. The lapis provides little pools for him to jump into.

One-of-a-kind, subject to prior sale

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