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Tourmaline and Pearl Necklace


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Tourmaline and Pearl Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Tourmaline crystals
*Saltwater seed pearls
*Vermeil and gold filled findings

Length:  16" - 20" (41 cm - 51 cm)
Weight:  0.6 oz (19 gm)

  Item #289             Lost in Fire
These tiny tourmalines have beautiful color and a great sense of fun, flipping around happily as you can see. It may not be evident from the photo, but the crystals are arranged roughly in order of length with the longest in the center. Tourmaline naturally forms these long, thin, three-sided crystals. The tourmalines are strung on silk, the seed pearls on nylon.

The seed pearls are pretty tiny-- if you click on the details button you'll see they're about the size of the letters on a dime. If you're a beader, you'll assume that I picked up 20 or so at a time, slid them down the needle,... but no! Only about half of the pearls had big enough holes to slip onto my size 16 beading needle, so I had to pick up each one and slide it down to see if it would go onto the thread. Since there are about 400 pearls in the necklace, this took a while.

The tourmaline has only been known since the 18th century, so hasn't as much curious lore associated with it as many other stones. It does have a curious property: when heated, one end of the stone will take on a positive charge and the other negative. Sue and Simon Lilly tell us, "Tourmaline's ability to take on every hue of the visible spectrum hints at its underlying resonance with the universal energies that support all life."

I hope you'll order and enjoy this delicate piece!

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