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Damigeron's Guard Against Deception Necklace


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Heliotrope Pendant Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Heliotrope (bloodstone) pendant
*Faceted African jade
*Frosted carnelian
*Sterling beads, spacers, findings

Length:  21" (53 cm) or 27" (69 cm)
Pendant:  2 5/8" long (6.5 cm)
Weight:  2.5 oz (78 gm)

  Item #274             Lost in Fire
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
Heliotrope or bloodstone is a beautiful green and red stone long thought to protect the wearer against any kind of hemorrhage, also against deception! Kunz quotes an old text associating it with the astrological sign Aries:
The Bloodstone.
Who on this world of ours his eyes
In Aries opens shall be wise
If always on his hand there lies
A bloodstone.

This pendant has a marvelous velvety finish and simply fabulous color. Unfortunately the photograph makes the stones of the necklace look quite different in color from the pendant. I believe the camera perceived it this way because of the difference in reflective qualities of the jade, the frosted carnelian and the pendant. The beads actually match the colors in the pendant quite nicely. It is signed and dated.

Using this pendant presented a challenge because it has a large hole in it. Simply strung, you would see only its edge. I sawed one of the jade beads in half (well actually I sawed four in half to get one good half!) and set it in silver to make the attachment. Beads are such naughty creatures-- my first thought was to use half of one of the carnelian beads, but when I sawed that in half it somehow reflected light like a beacon! The jade worked well however. Please order this necklace and enjoy good health and wisdom!

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