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Glacier Ice Necklace


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Glacier Ice Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Ocean jasper cut by Gary Wilson
*Ammonites cut by Gary Wilson
*Chrysoprase (squarish chunks)
*Aquamarine nuggets
*Faceted labradorite
*Rutilated quartz
*Opal chips, keshi pearls
*Sterling settings, findings

Length:  19" - 27" (48 cm - 69 cm)
Length of removable, two-part pendant: 3.5" (6 cm)
Weight:  7.2 oz (223 gm)

Photo: Melinda Holden

  Item #282             Lost in Fire
I had to turn Melinda's beautiful photo up on end to fit on the page, I hope she will forgive me!

The temperature here at Virgo Moon has been in the triple digits, so it was a pleasure working with these cooling ocean jasper cabochons. The colors remind me of glacier ice. The round centerpiece is attached to the necklace, but the two-part pendant is detachable as shown in one of the detailed photos. This makes the necklace quite versatile, and also allows the pendant to move gracefully. All the settings are hand fabricated. The clasp has a tiny cabochon of the same material and hooks into the extensions on each side so it remains in the center no matter what length you wear it.

The labradorite beads (the faceted ones in the center strand) don't look like common labradorite at all. To me they look like moss agate with dark green moss, made of quartz not agate. Whatever they are, they are beautiful. The chrysoprase was so stunning I bought it without looking at it closely enough, and had to re-drill each piece. To me they looked hand drilled, the holes tapered to almost nothing. That makes them all the more interesting (at least now that I'm finished with the necklace!). The necklace is hand-knotted on silk, signed and dated.

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