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Sunset Road Necklace


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Sunset Road Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Hematite and jasper(?) cab cut by Eidos
*Carved black onyx melon beads
*Rainbow obsidian
*Black onyx and red jasper shapes
*Sterling bezel, spacers and findings
*Seed beads (13/o-15/o)

Cabochon:  .75" (2cm) square
Length:  15", 16.5", 18" (38cm, 42cm, 46cm)
Weight:  1.3 oz (41 gm)

  Item #234             Lost in Fire
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
This tiny cabochon is cut from rare material from Wilcox, Arizona. The hematite is not the tacky shiny silver stuff, but rather a beautiful soft grey/black color. The red material is probably jasper. I thought the cab had a really interesting image, and of course I wanted to embellish it with beads! The rainbow obsidian beads in the necklace are a similar soft grey/black, and the carved black onyx melons are very strong, handsome beads. This is a delicate piece which makes a strong color statement.

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