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Sunflower Vessel Pin


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Sunflower Vessel Pin   This pin includes:
*French beaded sunflower
*Glass vessel by Heather Trimlett
*Sterling bezel

Height:  4" (10 cm)
Width of sunflower:  4" (10 cm)
Weight:  2.6 oz (80 gm)

  Item #249             Lost in Fire
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
Here is a giant sunflower in one of Heather's hollow formed glass vessels (well OK, half of one of her vessels!). This French beaded flower has about 30 feet of beads in it! The beads are 15/0, quite small (~20-25 per inch!). The imported beaded flowers often use beads as large as 10/0, so this little flower is much more detailed than the commercial varieties. Also, many traditional ways of making French beaded flowers make them unsuitable for wearing, so I've had to develop some unique methods to make the piece strong and without any stickery cut wires.

Please be aware that this pin is reasonably heavy and unsuitable for use on a delicate silk blouse. Also, it should be worn on an outer garment rather than be crushed under a coat.

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