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Green Grace Necklace


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Green Grace Necklace   This necklace includes:
* Handmade borosilicate beads by Gail Crosman-Moore
*Carved Chinese jade
*Faceted new jade
*Canadian jade (2mm)
*Goldstone (2mm)
*Seed beads
*Vermeil findings, sterling armature

Length:  21" or 26" (53cm or 66cm)
Tassel:  7" (18cm)
Centerpiece bead:   1.25" wide (3cm)
Weight:  4.5 oz (140 gm)

Photo: Melinda Holden

  Item #242      Private Collection
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
I wish you could see the beautiful color of this piece! The soft jade greens are easier to see in the detailed photo, though I believe you will find it even more beautiful in person than I'm able to show here! Gail's magnificent centerpiece bead has incredible depth of color and detail. The colorful beads in the necklace were also made by Gail. The carved jade beads in the necklace are a lovely complement. The tiny 2mm goldstone beads are the perfect accent for this piece-- the color matches the bumps on the centerpiece perfectly, and their minute sparkles are very attractive.

Handmade beads are sometimes a challenge to use effectively. The colors in these beads are quite unusual, and the centerpiece has a very large central hole. Bringing all the elements together was an interesting problem. I fabricated a sterling armature for the inside of the centerpiece to attach the fringe and provide a way to hang the tassel from the necklace, though you can't see any silver at all in the finished piece.

A friend suggested the name "Green Grace." I hope you will purchase this piece and agree that is an apt description.

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