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Create in Me a Clean Heart* Necklace

Create in Me a Clean Heart Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Fabricated fine silver beads and pendant
*Hemalyke, silver leaf agate, pyrite
*Vintage nailhead beads
*Vintage steel cut beads
*3 tiny turquoise cabs on reverse

Length:  16" (40cm), 19" (48 cm) with the extension
Weight:  4.8 oz (149 gm)

Photo: Melinda Holden

  Item #244             Private Collection
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
The leaves on the beads are fine silver, cast from actual leaves through a time consuming process. One of the larger beads has a bird silhouette on the back cut from thin fine silver sheet, with a tiny turquoise cab at its head. The other has a lizard. The heart has a snake on the back with a similar cab. Two needlewoven strands, heavily encrusted with pearls, secure the beads so they remain upright when worn. The closure is a smooth bead, also hand fabricated, with "VM" (for Virgo Moon) on one side and the date on the other. A similar plain bead is used on the extension (not shown).

The fringe is made with vintage steel cut seed beads, tiny pearls, and silver leaf agate stars.

What is "hemalyke" you may ask. That is a clever name now being used meaning, "we don't know if this is real hematite or not, but most material cut today in China is assumed to be simulated unless specifically marked as natural."

Please order this lovely piece to celebrate love.

*The name comes from Ps 51:10.

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