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Zuni Seated Bear Treasure Necklace


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Zuni Seated Bear Fetish Treasure Necklace

This dramatic 5-strand treasure necklace has a removable tassel, a counterweight insures it is comfortable to wear. It includes:
  * Old Zuni seated bear fetish (smiling!)
  * Turquoise nuggets and beads
  * Sterling charms and beads
  * Melon chevrons
  * Shibuichi beads by Robert Burkett
  * Carved Timor deer horn
  * Heishi, horn, trade beads, lots more!

This necklace is not for the faint of heart or somebody with a weak neck!!!

Longest strand: 32.5" (83 cm)
(Hooked in the counterweight: 35.5"/95cm long)
Total weight: 12.9 oz. (387 gm)
Removable fetish tassel with 1.5" (4 cm) stone bear: 1.7 oz. (51 gm)
Counter weight, with 2.5" (6 cm) sterling feather: 1.9 oz. (57 gm)

Photo: Melinda Holden

Item #165                           Lost in Fire

Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
  This necklace was designed around the wonderful old Zuni fetish that forms the tassel. The tassel is removable, and the piece looks beautiful whether the bear wants to be out and about or not. The bear is a "museum de-acquisition" piece, thought to be old. He is smiling, probably because someone petted him regularly (he has a worn spot on his neck where a thumb fits perfectly). He has a very powerful presence. He seems at home with turquoise, sterling and heishi. The bear is an extremely important symbol in Native American spirituality. Often he carries the sense of introspection because of its hibernation behavior and is placed in the west.

The counterweight makes the necklace comfortable to wear and looks gorgeous dangling down the back.

The necklace has 5 complete strands, and some that dangle loosely to the side. It is wonderful to wear, and makes a happy delicate sound when you move.

Some people are a little afraid to wear so many beads. You know what? Beads are joyful creatures! You really can't wear too many (in my opinion anyway)! This necklace provides a wonderful opportunity to play! Every time you look at it, you'll find new little treasures tucked away in it. Enjoy!!!

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