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White Heart Treasure Necklace


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White Heart Treasure Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Old white hearts
*Treasured beads
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This necklace has a lifelong collection of beads. It is a treasure necklace style, widely seen identified with Santa Fe style. Its beauty depends on using tons of old cornaline d'Aleppo (white heart) beads as an integrative element. The color in these beads is due to gold, and Lois Sherr Dubin says that in 1860, six of these beads was valued at one beaver skin. I collected the white hearts for this necklace over many years (no beavers died for this necklace!), and finally put it together when I had enough. I raided my trove of good beads, and included beads I'd saved since a child. There are beads from my dog's collar, beads given to me by special friends, all sorts of beads. This necklace is designed on the premise that you can't wear too many beads, my guiding fashion rule!

It is shown here because you may have a collection of beads yourself that are meaningful and that you would like to have made into something. I've made treasure necklaces from gemstone beads, from tiny old dark blue African beads, from all sorts of things. A treasure necklace doesn't have to use white hearts, but it does have to have a lot of treasures in it. I'd like to make one with pearls. In fact, the "Mosaic Moon" necklace seen in this very gallery section is a refined version of the treasure necklace theme-- loads of pretty white pearls with tiny gemstone shapes throughout. Livens those plain old pearls right up! One idea is to make 6 or more separate strands with the same theme. That way you can wear one strand when you're feeling shy, and add more and more when you want to make a statement. Send me that old box of beads-- maybe I can make something you'll like!

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