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Stevi's Vessel Necklace


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Stevi's Vessel Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Hand made glass vessel by Stevi Belle
*Fancy jasper
*Double pearls
*Abalone buttons
*Seed beads

Length (braided as shown):  16" (41 cm)
Extension:  6.5" (17 cm)
Tassel from vessel top:  6.5" (17 cm)
Vessel:  1.1" x 1.75" (3 cm x 5 cm)
Weight:  3.3 oz (102 gm)

Photo: Melinda Holden
  Item #209             Lost in Fire
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
The little vessel which forms the centerpiece of this necklace has a removable top with a finely ground stopper. Vessel and stopper have the most beautiful mottled greens and purples which you can see better by clicking on the image to get a detailed view. I loved the little fat shape and wonderful texture of this piece! The braided necklace can be unbraided if you prefer. A removable extension allows it to be worn at two different lengths. The abalone buttons and fancy jasper pick up the colors in the vessel.

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