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Spring Cartwheels in the Garden of the Heart


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Spring Cartwheels Necklace   This necklace includes:
*Glass beads by Heather Trimlett
*New and vintage glass beads
*Turquoise, opal
*Rose quartz, aquamarine, etc.
*Clip-back button earrings included

Length:  33" (84 cm)
Removable counterweight:  11" (28 cm)
Heart [off-]centerpiece:  2" high x 1.5" wide (5 cm x 4 cm)
Weight:  12.1 oz (363 gm),  Counterweight:  2.4 oz (72 gm)

  Item #152                        Lost in Fire
Photo courtesy of Robert K. Liu/Ornament
Please click on the image for detailed photos.
When my friend Heather Trimlett and I decided to collaborate on a piece, I suspect she didn't imagine she would have to spend weeks at her torch making vast numbers of hearts, flower pie beads, cartwheel beads, more hearts, drops, ovals, etc.

The centerpiece is an amazing heart which hangs to one side of the piece. If you click on the image, you'll find several close-ups, including one of this heart.

The dramatic removable counterweight balances the heavy necklace nicely so it is comfortable to wear.

The feel of Heather's beads cannot be illustrated in any photo. There is something so intensely happy about them that the piece is utterly delightful to wear.

Please Note: Clip-back button earrings are included, intricately beaded with the seed beads and tiny chips used in the necklace.

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