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Blue Rim Mosaic Necklace


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Blue Rim Mosaic Necklace   This necklace features:
* Detailed Italian Mosaic
* Black onyx shapes
* French jet (glass)
* Tourmaline

Length:  14.5" (37 cm) with 6" (15 cm) extension
Centerpiece:  1.5" x 1.125" (4 cm x 3 cm)
Centerpiece + fringe:  9" (23 cm)
Weight:  2.3 oz. (69 cm)

  Item #83     Lost in Fire
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
This is a beautiful mosaic! (I do hope you look at the close-up, it's amazing!) The fringe on this piece is a nice, get-you-started-with-fringe length. You may find once you start wearing pieces like this, you want longer and longer fringe! I hope you'll look at the "real people" page to see how a piece like this works at work. You don't need to save it for that special occasion.

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