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Mali Dig Bead Necklace


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Mali Dig Bead Necklace

This necklace includes:
  * Glass beads by Karen Ovington
  * Mali dig beads
  * Old carnelians (at center)
  * Old agates
  * Sterling spacers
  * Pearls, moonstones
  * Labradorite
  * Lapis, frosted quartz


Item # 195                  Private Collection

          click on the image to see a detailed view
  This necklace came together as a result of the happy coincidence of finding Karen's gorgeous, weathered looking glass bead and some Mali dig beads with the same colors. (The African bead traders call them dig beads because people find them when digging.) The dig beads are quite weathered and old, so I accented them with new beads softened by frosting. The three old carnelians in the center are aged examples of man's early and persistent love affair with beads.

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