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Jasper Necklace with Lizard


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Necklace   This necklace features:
* Fossil ivory lizard
* Jasper hearts, cubes, pyramids, moons, etc.
* Old Czech glass beads
* Old brass and hairpipe closure

Length:  33" (84 cm)
Lizard:  ~2" (5 cm)
Weight:  10.3 oz. total (310 gm)
Counterweight:  1.5 oz. (45 gm)

Photo: Melinda Holden
  Item #122             Lost in Fire
Please click on the image for a detailed photo.
This necklace is a marvel of engineering if I do say so myself! I wanted to catch the wiggly lizard securely and somehow had to manage all the cords from the 5 strand necklace below and the pyramid cluster above. It sounds simple until you try it! The cluster of pyramids above the lizard took forever to make because the Chinese knots at the apex of each are excruciatingly difficult with a non-slippery but very sturdy thread like Conso.

The jasper is some of the most gorgeous I've ever had, particularly the large hearts. The old Czech glass beads enhance the cream in the jasper. Bronze seed beads brighten the mix. The counterweight makes the heavy stone necklace comfortable to wear.

Incidentally, you'll see "fossil ivory" mentioned here and elsewhere on this site. Fossil ivory is excavated from kitchen middens and stream beds in Alaska. It is usually wooly mammoth or walrus ivory, from animals which died naturally or were used for food thousands of years ago. It does not come from contemporary elephants!

Sams and Carson give lizard dreaming (Medicine Cards). Andrews is more general, giving it subtlety of perception because of their incredible sensitivity to vibration (Animal-Speak).

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